McNay Bridals :: Jen’s Bridals

Mar 29, 2019

Last month Jen & Ryan got married, so I get to share Jen’s McNay Bridals! I had SUCH a great time at Jen & Ryan’s wedding! I didn’t want the night to end, and I can’t wait to share the images! In the meantime, I am so excited to share Jen’s Bridal Images

Jen selected the McNay for her bridal session. The McNay is so gorgeous and has become so popular! It’s a favorite for sure! I love being there because I’ve gotten to know the light and all the different backdrops of the museum!

Jen’s mom came out from Houston just to help her with the bridal session. She was so sweet and so helpful with the dress and bouquet! It’s always so helpful to have an extra set of hands close by to help with these important sessions. I so enjoyed working with Jen and her mom at the bridal session and can’t wait to share the wedding images from Jen & Ryans wedding!



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