Japanese Tea Garden Bridals :: Deb’s Bridal Session

Mar 25, 2019

Last week Deb & Justin got married, which means I can share Deb’s Japanese Tea Garden Bridals! The gardens are one of my husbands favorites, so we went there a lot when we first moved to San Antonio, but it had been a while. When I first got there for Deb’s bridal session I was a little worried about how many people were there! But thankfully we were able to make it work and you can’t even tell that there were so many people in the gardens.

The tricky thing about the Japanese tea gardens is it’s sort of in a bowl. It’s hard to explain, but its almost a kind of quarry, tall walls on the sides surrounding the gardens which can make wandering around it a little tough with the uneven rocks and the bridges, but Deb powered through it all! She did great!

She brought along a few of her friends as well as her maid of honor, flower girl and mother. I always LOVE when brides bring friends along because its so helpful to have someone hold the bouquet if we do any shots without it, or to help me straighten her dress or even to ask people to wait so we can get a photo before they cross of the bridge and her friends were right there for her! She is such a gorgeous bride and I can’t wait to share her wedding photos soon!



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