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The Daddy Daughter First Look

Jul 13, 2017

When I ask people if they are planning on doing a first look it goes one of two ways; “yes, we want do to one” or “no, we’re really traditional”. While there are a lot of benefits for a first look, it’s not for everyone, and we totally get that! Either way, there is another first look that I think a lot of brides don’t think about. The Daddy/Daughter first look.┬áThis is such a sweet first look for a few reasons…

1. Chances are Daddy’s Going to Cry

Usually, dads are at a point where they don’t care if anyone sees them cry, even their little girl. His little girl is getting married, so its like that he you cry, but the good news is that there is no one else around to watch, just you two. It’s a really sweet moment for the two of you.

2. It Shows Dad you Thought of Him Today

Your dad has gone through a lot! He’s raised you, probably paid for a lot of the wedding while having minimal input, and now he’s having to give you away. Having a daddy daughter first look is a great way to let him know you were thinking of him, it tells him you appreciate his love, and his opinion matters!

3. This Makes for Great Photos!

This is the perfect time to snap a few photos of the two of you! It’s a perfect opportunity to pass dad a thank you note or an embroidered handkerchief and let him know you appreciate him. These are the photos that you will print out and give to him for fathers day or birthdays! Trust me! These ones are extra special!

4. Its a Great Way to Still Get Those First Look Photos

If you are a traditional bride, and don’t want to do a first look with your groom, doing one with dad is a great alternative and can really pull the day together! It’s a wonderful feeling to see your dad’s face light up when he sees how gorgeous you are on your big day! It also allows for those first look photos without having the groom see you before the wedding.

We love the daddy daughter first look and love when our brides say its something they’d like to do! If its something you want to do, let us know and we can talk details, and fit it into your timeline.




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